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The Role of Parking Cameras - Challenges and Opportunities Compared to Autonomous Vehicles on Highways and Cities

by Thomas Guthier

Department Head Camera Algorithms at Hyundai Mobis


In recent years, parking cameras have become increasingly popular in the automotive industry as an aid for drivers to park safely and efficiently. As part of this process, new technologies, such as Neural networks and AI are also integrated into parking solutions. While autonomous vehicles on highways and in cities are receiving more attention, parking cameras present unique challenges and opportunities that deserve attention. This is relevant for neural networks, since the data variations parking are unique and less standardized as public roads. In this presentation, we will discuss the role of parking cameras in the automotive industry, the challenges involved in their implementation, and compare them to the challenges faced by autonomous vehicles on highways and cities.

The audience will:

• Understand the unique challenges and opportunities of parking cameras compared to autonomous vehicles on highways and cities. Including specific data and neural networks.

• Learn how parking cameras can improve the driving experience • Gain insights into the future developments of parking camera technology and its integration into autonomous vehicles